Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Creative Discipline

Sometimes I just run out of solutions.

When the kids play nice together it is bliss.  When they don't, it grates on my last nerve.  The things they find to fight over blows my mind.  It's never anything important.  It's almost always provoked by one and escalated by the other.  Hitting, kicking and pushing are not acceptable so, someone always gets sent to their room and the other walks away with full privileges.

Not Today!

Puddin Pop snatches a toy off the desk, that no one plays with and immediately Handsome insists it's his and chases her to get it.  She resists, he kicks her, and now I need to come up with something creative to get it through their thick skulls that this behavior is unacceptable and maddening.

The Toy...

Yep.  A stupid Happy Meal skateboard.

I wanted them both to understand how ridiculous their behavior was, so...

Handsome got sent to his room for hitting.  30 minutes.

Puddin Pop had to play with the toy for that entire 30 minutes.  With nothing else.

When Handsome came down after 30 minutes she had to give the skateboard to him, which she gladly did, and he then had to play with it for 30 minutes.

Think they'll fight over it again?

What would you have done?

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Why it's important to clean out the fridge. OR... How I almost poisoned my kid.

There is nothing I like better than looking at the school lunch calendar and finding entrees both kids like.  Something about the monotony of making lunches drives me batty.  It's nice to break up the morning routine and NOT have to pack anything.  It's rare that they are serving something they both like.  Handsome will ALWAYS chose pizza, corn dog nuggets and chili/cheese nachos, on occasion he'll also get sliders.  Puddin Pop will do popcorn chicken (as long as I send  a side of honey), baked chicken or teriyaki chicken and, on occasion, sliders.  Hardly ever are they on the same day.  One Monday a month they have both popcorn chicken and pizza.  That's my favorite day.

Friday was an early release day.  Looking forward to Spring Break starting, I was oblivious to my normal lunch making aversion.  Handsome got his usual PB&J and Puddin Pop opted for Turkey roll-ups with cheese and crackers (only because we were out of Ramen).  The turkey looked a little funny.  A little darker and a little drier than normal.  I knew I had just bought it and eaten some earlier in the week so, I smelled it and decided it was fine.  I would have tasted it but, it was 7:30 and I was enjoying a cup of vanilla nut mocha mint coffee.  Turkey, good or bad, wasn't going to taste good with that.  Lunches packed and off to school they went.

I spent the next hour or so doing some chores, or catching up on FB games.  You pick.  It's not relevant to the story.

At a little after 10, I decided to make a salad, which turned into Nachos (also not relevant) when I came across the NEW package of turkey in the salad crisper.  Crap.  That makes the stuff I packed for Puddin Pop at least 2 months old.  Crap.  Crap.  Crap.   I went into panic mode... and I rationalized.  If it's bad, she won't eat it.  She won't have much to eat but, she gets out at 1:30 so it's not like she can't eat then, right?

That reasoning lasted about 2 minutes before I went back into panic mode.  I opened a can of spaghetti O's, which I would have packed in the first place if I had remembered buying them.  I ran upstairs to put on make-up.  Not sure why this was important.  I rarely wear make-up and everyone at the school has seen me without. I guess I felt less like the Loser-Mom-Who-sent-spoiled-food-in-her-kid's-lunch with make-up on.  I wasn't thinking, I was reacting.

I threw the Spaghetti-O's into her thermos, grabbed a spoon and ran out the door.  Being it was an early release day I wasn't sure what time her lunch was but knew it was already happening or happening soon.  I showed up in the office at 10:35 and saw kids already in the lunchroom.  I announced I was there to have lunch with my daughter and asked when they ate. 10:40.  They would be down any minute.

What could have been an ugly experience for PP, turned into a Mommy and Me lunch date and a lunch replacement that was even more pleasing than the original.  We had a great time and she LOVED having me join her.

Don't let this happen to you.

Clean out your fridge.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

To My Babies... Happy Valentines Day

Dear Precious Children of Mine,

You are my heart and soul.  The reason I breathe and wake up every morning.  You are everything I ever dreamed of and so much more.

You are my mini me.  You are smart, witty and quick tongued.  You are all boy, rugged and tough, but still have a sensitive side when no one else is looking.   You say what's on your mind with little filter and I appreciate that... even when it hurts.  You are intelligent enough to spell out the "bad" words even though your sister has no clue.  You know what words you've heard should not be repeated and still know how to use them for effect.  Sorry I taught you that.  You have the ability to be GREAT at anything you put your mind and focus to.  I hope you know that you are the person that made me a mom and I couldn't love you more for that.  You are everything I hoped and dreamed for in a little boy and my heart gets bigger every day I get to share with you.

Puddin Pop~You are the little girl I always dreamed of.  You bring out a girly side I never knew I had.  You make me appreciate all things girly and enjoy finding new ways to share in your happiness for all things "girl". You bring a smile to the face of everyone you meet.  You are generous and giving and very soft hearted.  You are also tough and witty, creative and dramatic.  I love your spirit and the ability to cheer anyone up.  You make me smile every day and my heart also grows each day I have with you.

I love you both and with you my life is complete.

Thank You for Being You,


Not necessarily meant in this context but this is totally how I feel about both of you right now.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pinterest. Love. #1

I'm in love with Pinterest, and not in just a voyeur kind of way.  We are actually making some of the recipes and playing with our hair like we never have before.  As I complete different pins, I'll share the results so you can be just as addicted.  No one needs to go through this alone.

Puddin Pop has super straight hair.  She gets it from me.  It used to have beautiful curls, but they got fewer and fewer with each haircut.  She's not super fond of having it brushed, either, but her desire for beauty is super-ceding the fear of tangled pain so we've gotten very experimental.

We saw a pin for overnight styling and just had to try it.

You start of with wet hair and section it.  We did it in 8 sections but you can do more or less based on amount of waviness desired, and patience of yourself and child.

You twirl each section until it starts to coil.  Complete coil and rubber-band so it will stay.  Ours looked like this...

click to enlarge

Then you just sleep on it.  Depending on thickness of hair and how long it normally takes to dry, you could also spritz it instead of doing it straight out of the tub to insure it would be dry in time for school the next morning.

One of our sections came on done during the night but we just comprimised with a curling iron on that section.  The rest was just taken out of the bands and fluffed by running our fingers through the curls.

The end result was this...

Beautiful Waves that stayed all day.

The original Pin came from Perfect Locks.

What pins have you accomplished?


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