Sunday, May 31, 2009

Day at the Beach

We took the kids to the beach yesterday.

Considering Hubster has no fondness of the beach at all (he doesn't like the sand everywhere),we had a really good time and a ton of least I was laughing.
When we first arrived parking was limited so Hubster dropped the kids and I and all our stuff off and went to park. While he was gone we had the time to set up camp and play in the water. Not only is he not fond of all the sand (because you bring it home with you and it gets in the car), he also made it clear to the kids that he WAS NOT going into the water. We had a picnic lunch, flew a kite, buried both kids in the sand, and relaxed in the sun. When the kids wanted to go back into the water, I took my chair down to the edge and sat so I could watch. Having already been in the water, I knew the kids could go out more than 15 feet and still be able to touch the bottom. Hubster did not know this.
Puddin Pop was just relaxing in the water when all of the sudden she said "Help, I'm sinking". Mind you, the kids play rescue all the time and this was not a voice of fear, but Hubster looked out and saw this

and he was off and running. I started to say "She's fine." but he was too quick to rescue her (and he was now in the water which I suspect was her plan). As he got closer to her...

She stood up, causing me to bust out laughing at Daddy's attempted rescue and the realization that he'd been a 3 year old.

Shortly after, a group of teenagers arrived at the beach and a couple of the girls walked into the water near where PP had resumed her floating. A couple of the boys in the group came running into the water to meet up with them and the girls, looking in PP's direction, shouted "Be careful, You're splashing the baby." PP stood up and looked behind her, seeing nothing she went back to floating. A few more minutes and a couple more of the teenagers decided to brave the water and ran in to meet their friends. Again the girls, looking in PP's direction, said "Watch out. You're splashing the baby." Again PP stood up and looked behind her (which is when I realized what was going on, but decided to watch and see how it played out). She saw nothing, and went back to floating. When the last of the group came into the water the girls again shouted their warning and the entire group looked at PP. She stood up, looked behind her, and assuming the girls were talking to her instead of about her said " What baby? I don't see any baby." Which gave the whole group a little chuckle, and me one too.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wordless Wednesday ~ Family

My adorable Nephew. Ready to eat after time in the pool.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

How Would You Like to Die, Sweetie?

You have to love the innocence and kind heartedness of children, especially when the moments are rare amongst the never-ending bickering. Last night the kids and I somehow got on the subject of death while watching Surf'sUp. While Boog understands the general idea of death, his perception of how it occurs is slightly limited. For PP this was a subject she hadn’t discussed before. Here was the conversation between them

Boog: PP, do you want to get shot and die now, or would you rather live a full life?
PP: No
Boog: No what?
PP: I don't want to die
Boog: Well you're gonna die eventually
PP: I don't want to get shot
Boog: So you want to just get really old and die?
PP: No
Boog: You have to pick one, sweetie.
PP: I don’t want to get shot
Boog: (Stroking her hair and face) Okay, then you can live a full life like me, and grow to be five.

The way he was stroking her hair made me about cry. The fact that he thinks he's had a pretty full life made me want to bust out laughing.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Monday, May 18, 2009

Ebeanstalk~ 15% off First Order

If you haven't yet heard, there is a new site that makes is super simple to find age appropriate toys for kids. Ebeanstalk has put together toys grouped in age categories from birth to 7& up. They have researched the best developmental toys in each group and have listed them on the site for your convenience.

One of the best features of the site (in my opinion) is their gift series. For Christmas, a birthday, or a birth (even as a shower gift) you can put in the age of the child and every three months, for a year, a new gift will arrive. You can use their pre-selected, age appropriate gifts or choose different gifts in the same age grouping. A great idea for a relative who may be out of state and wants to remind a child how much they are loved. Here's the Press Release from Ebeanstalk:

Ebeanstalk is dedicated to a baby's development. And we select the best baby toys matched to a baby's development. To see great information on how a baby grows up, check out the info on our baby toys page.

Picking toys for a baby is not as simple as it sounds. Here are some quick baby facts:

  • Toys for a newborn baby: A newborn baby is briefly looking at objects and attempting to imitate facial expressions. They can follow objects with their eyes and usually quiet down, when they are picked up.

  • Toys for a three month old: They will enjoy ‘frolic play', reaching for objects and will repeat enjoyable activities. Believe it or not, they will respond to ‘no' (about half the time) and will start babbling.

  • Toys for a six month old: They'll search for hidden objects (object permanence). They'll reach for themselves in the mirror, play peekaboo, crumple paper, roll from their stomach to their back and even respond to their name.

  • Toys for a nine month old: They are pushing toy cars, playing pat-a-cake and looking for hidden sounds. The baby toys they are playing with are also getting more fun.

Whether you need a birthday gift for a family friend or relative, in an age group you are not yet familiar with, Ebeanstalk is the place to go. Right now they are offering readers a 15% discount on your first purchase. Use code TGS345 at checkout.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Astrological Personality Profiles for Kids

I'm not an astrological fanatic but enjoy reading an occasional horoscope and other entertaining reports about how our signs reflect who we are. I happened across this site and thought it would be fun to get a free reading based on the kid's birth date.

First I did Boog. My loving, funny, intelligent, sensitive, snugly 5 year old

Young Leo

Leo children are rays of light - playful, willing to be the center of attention, always ready to put on a show. This child is highly entertaining and able to assess the presence of an audience with surprising sophistication. In infants you may notice his showmanship just by their alert and pleasant nature, like stars ready to go onstage. There is warmth and charm about little Leos. As the baby grows into a toddler, there will be a marked agility with the body, a natural athleticism, good balance, and physical features such as a wide brow or a big head of hair.

Leo children are natural stars and may need a little help when it comes to fitting in with their peer group. They are naturally popular, but may have issues when it's not their turn with a toy or game, or simply not their turn to shine. Rebuffs or accidental slights might be taken as deep insults. Imagine a cat getting water poured on its fur! At these junctures, help your little Leo understand that they are not the target of ridicule, even though they feel terribly humiliated because it means so much to them to be loved, adored, even worshipped! Remember, many actors, rock stars, and politicians are Leos, so you have a big personality on your hands!

Leo is a fire sign and thus warm, affectionate and sexually uninhibited. Encourage your child's free expression with the body, maybe introducing dance lessons when he or she is ready. Some kind of physical exercise that channels all that fiery exuberance is recommended, lest the energy be repressed or express itself in unproductive ways. Be the parent who gently reminds your son or daughter about boundaries and limits, their own and other people's, so that you are a trusted source of support, not a critical judge.

I agree with most of this. Boog definitely wants to be the center of attention, but only around people he feels comfortable with. It may be the fear of ridicule that prevents him from any team activities. We started him in soccer at 3. He loved practice and was eagerly ready for the first game. Right after the first kickoff he dribbled the ball down the field and scored a goal. It couldn't have been more than 20 seconds into the game. I was so proud and just knew we had picked the right sport for him. NOPE. Once everyone started cheering, he immediately came over to the sidelines and begged me not to make him go back. He did that the rest of the season. Would participate at practice and would refuse to play in the games, where people were watching. We would have stopped going all together but Hubster was the coach and I had signed on to be the team mom.

He definitely has the fiery exuberance and needs physical activity after school to burn it off.

Then there's my beautiful, confident, charming, loving, oh-so-stubborn 3 year old, Puddin Pop.

Young Taurus

Children born under the sign of the bull are calm and pleasant, consistent and practical. Being cuddly and affectionate, Taurus children enjoy physical contact. Endowed with a gentle nature, they can nevertheless be extremely stubborn.

Taurus is ruled by Venus - the planet of love and beauty - and Taurus can be seen as the most sensuous of the signs. The little ones are sensitive to colors and sounds and to a harmonious environment; they care about what they eat and wear and appreciate the finer things in life from early childhood on.

Taurus children won't be bullied into anything they don't want to do. If they feel forced they turn stubborn and won't give in to anything and anybody and will always hold their ground.

Most Taurus children are likely to have a naturally beautiful singing voice and a very melodic way of speaking. They should be encouraged to take part in any musical activity offered, be it singing in a choir or learning to play an instrument.

Collections and possessions are rather important to Taurus children and they love toys and things they can collect. They even like to take on little chores for money and save what they earn. They can become little money makers at a very early age.

Taurus children are extremely loving and sensitive. Physical signs of affection are especially important, and they enjoy receiving huge bear hugs from an early age. Taurus' are strong, and they will learn to make the best huggers in the world.

In general, your child is loving, generous, tender, sensitive, and for the most part, well behaved. Just make sure you don't push him too hard or force him into anything he doesn't want to do. He will process things on his own time.

This one is pretty much DEAD ON. She is everything mentioned and already collects every coin she finds around the house, outside, in the car. wherever and puts them in her bank. Stubborn? Yeah. She definitely tries to rule the house. We have to stop laughing at how stubborn she is because it won't be funny for much longer.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wordless Wednesday ~ Old Photos

My little brother and I, 36 years ago.
I got a new scanner for Mother's Day and I'm having some fun with it!
I'm also making a move from to here. Thanks for visiting!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Things I Swore I'd Never Say

We all have those sayings from our childhood that we swear we will never repeat to our children. Things like "I don't care what the other kids do." or "If all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you?" You get the idea. So I was having a conversation with the 3 year old (Chachi) yesterday morning... and it happened. The conversation went something like this:

me: What would you like for breakfast?
her: Ice cream.
me: You can't have Ice cream for breakfast.
her: Why?
me: Because you need to have something good for you for breakfast.
her: Oh.
me: Would you like some fruit? Pancakes? Cereal?
her: No.
me: What would you like then?
her: Ice cream
me: Chachi, you can not have ice cream for breakfast
her: Why?
me: You need something to help you grow and give your body and brain some energy
her: Why?
me: Because breakfast is the most important meal of the day and sets your body up for the rest of the day.
her: Oh.
me: So, what would you like? Eggs, fruit, pancakes, cereal, sausage, waffles, or french toast sticks?
her: Ice cream
Me: You can not have ice cream for breakfast
her: Why?
me: (and here it comes) Because I said so!
her: Okay, I'll have eggs then.
me: Hmmm

Am I my own worst enemy? If I had said "Because I said so" to begin with could have avoided the rest of it? I'm definitely going to find out the next time she wants ice cream or candy for breakfast.

Friday, May 8, 2009

The Secret to Potty Training

Puddin Pop turned 3 a little over a week ago and we were pushing the time line to get her fully potty trained before the big day. She would only use the potty to poop and would insist on using every public restroom whenever we were out, but refused to use the potty for peeing at home. I tried everything I could think of and everything suggested and read about. I began to think it was just a battle of wills between she and I, and I was getting very tired of cleaning up pee everywhere. She would continuously pee on the couch in the same spot, the pee would get between two of the non-removable cushions. I several times banned her from sitting on the couch and in some instances when it just got to be too much, would ban her from the living room altogether. Then I had an idea...

One week before she turned 3, I told her that if she could use the potty all morning, she could get a surprise at the grocery store when we went shopping. Now my 5 year old thinks a surprise at the grocery store should be the $7 match box car that would cot $2 at Target. My sweet Princess got excited at this idea and said "Can I get gum?" I said "You betcha baby, IF you use the potty the rest of the morning until we go." She said "I promise."

Three hours later we headed to the store for our groceries AND her bubble gum. She likes the pink bubble gum tape. After we checked out I told her if she used the potty the rest of the week, she could get another roll the following week. Guess what? She got that roll too. We're even done with pull-ups at night.
Who knew the secret to potty training was GUM?
Now you know!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Making the Move

I think it's time to bring my Parenting knowledge and/or lack of knowledge to the masses. I'm always posting about the kids on my other blogs and figured it was time to create a space "just for them". This will now be where the kids projects and funny stories go. I'm trying to organize my writing efforts and create "homes" for my many different project. Come back in a while as I'm sure we (myself and my family) can make you laugh and give you ideas of what to do and what NOT to do as we travel this road of parenting.


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