Friday, October 30, 2009

How to Make a 3 Year Old Happy

How do you make a 3 year old little girl happy?

Take her shoe shopping!

I'm not a big shoe person. I would rather not wear them and don't around the house and neighborhood during the spring and summer months, but that little girl of mine...She has been in love with shoes since she started wearing them.

We arrived at the shoe store and she immediately started picking out all the shoes she wanted. She didn't even care if they were the right size. I got her focused on the right section and she was in heaven. After looking through the entire section she picked out the perfect pair. Who could resist pink, sparkly shoes? Not only will they go very well with her Butterfly Princess Halloween costume, they look adorable with jeans. She ran around the store, showing everyone she came in contact with (which was everyone in the store). She was so eager to get them to the woman with the barcode scanner. She wanted to make sure they were paid for and HERS...FOREVER!

We think we'll have to wait until she falls asleep to get them off her.

Letting Go

First of all. If you're wondering how the other morning went with Puddin Pop and the "new Mommy"...she didn't go. When the van pulled in the drive way I told her someone was here for her. (If you don't know what I'm talking about, see post below). Anyway. She saw the van but didn't know who it was. When she saw my friend and her little boy she jumped up and down saying "He's here, he's here." She was excited because the little boy was supposed to come and play the week before but couldn't. That's another reason I didn't tell her..just in case. So the "new mommy" tells Puddin Pop she's here to pick her up and she just gets a smile and a stare. When she asks PP why she's not coming or getting ready my darling, precious, baby girl, shrugged her shoulders and in true female fashion simply stated, "I changed my mind."

There's a fine line between teaching independence and not wanting to "let go". I remember with my first born I was ready for him to start holding his own bottle at 6 months old. He was a grazer and would suck and chew on the nipple. It felt as if just as he finished one bottle it was time for another. I tried my hardest to teach him this skill. My second born (and last) was a different story. I remember holding her at 11 months, giving her a bottle she was able to give herself and thinking "I'll never have this again."

When I look to the future there are so many lessons to be taught to these two young children and I can only hope that we make the right choices for each of them. Knowing when they are ready for the next step and trusting our instincts when we're not sure they are completely ready. Dealing with the upset one who doesn't understand why their sibling can do something they can't...or couldn't at that age. Being mindful of each of their feelings but sticking to what we think is best.

I think down the line when it's time for them to go to college. Do we provide them with the money to attend? Part of the money? Do we assist them in attaining a college student loan? Will it be the same for both? Do we encourage one to stay closer to home while encouraging the other to travel far away? We won't know their true potentials unless we provide them with the tools and a safe place to experiment with all that interests them. It's our job to expose them to as many different things as we can. To support them in their choices...even if it's to move 3.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My Daughter is Ready to Move Out...At 3

We've had the discussion before. When she's not happy with a decision I've made or just wants to be funny. She says, "I want a new mommy." Boy do I remember doing this very same thing. It doesn't bother me, I know it's just a phase. I know she'll probably really want a new Mommy when she hist her teenage years, but for now we just have fun with it.

Yesterday when she said it I told her to go pack a bag of things she wanted to take and I would drop her off at the corner and let her ask someone to take her home. She had already picked out her new mommy and said "No. I want to go to Abby's house and have her mommy be my new Mommy." I said "Okay. Maybe we can switch for her little brother. I'm sure Boog would love a brother." She grabbed her purse and headed for the door. I asked if she thought she might need some clothes and she said "Yes. Will you go pack them for me?" Trying not to laugh, I said "That's really not my job anymore, seeing as you're firing me from being your mommy." She said, "Let's just go then." I said "Are you sure...with just your purse?" She replied "Yes." I asked if she wanted her "laptop", She said "Sure. Do you know where it is?" I explained that maybe we could keep in touch. I told her I'd load some live chat software on her laptop and bring it to her later. I was hoping we could "stay in touch." Again she said "Let's go." I asked her why she was waiting at the door and she said "You have to drive me there." I then played the hurt mommy. I put my head in my hands and explained that I couldn't drive her because I wouldn't be able to see through my tears. She pulled my hands from my face... gave me her gorgeous smile and said "Mommy. I'm just kidding." Then she walked over to the couch, took her shoes off and started watching TV.

This morning she made sure to tell me over and over that I was her best friend.

Tomorrow, the "new mommy" is dropping off her son for a couple hours so she can go work out. I'm not saying anything to my precious little girl. I want to see what her reaction will be. Is that mean?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Underwear Shopping Trip That Went Horribly Wrong

I RSVP'd and participated in the Coinstar and Twittermoms Twitter party a couple weeks ago. The first 50 people to sign up were rewarded with various gift cards. I received a $50 JC Penney GC and knew instantly that "Mama was getting some new underwear."

I'm embarrassed to admit it. I think the last time I bought new underwear (for myself) was when I was pregnant with my son. That would be early 2003. Don't judge. I've just had better things to spend money on...and I'm NOT a big shopper. It was getting very difficult to find a pair in my drawer that I would feel okay about in the event of an accident (being rushed, unconscious, to the hospital), some days I just went without.

So after a week of dreaming of new underwear, I was finally on my way. A girls trip shopping, Puddin Pop and I. We went straight to the lingerie department and I started looking for the best deals. I wanted the maximum. Who knew when I would be back. I had 5 pairs selected @ $2.99 each. In my hand. Off to look at bras. Then I noticed an even better deal. 3 pairs for ONLY $6.49. I scoured the rack for my size of these pre-packaged panties. I also wanted cotton, which apparently so did everyone else in my size. I finally found a pack and decided I would also get a pack of the "silky" ones. PP by now was playing hide-and-seek under the racks so I knew my time was limited. I found a bra rack. Picked out 2 in my size and off to the register we went. I was thrilled to have new panties and couldn't wait to get home and put a pair on.

I get home. Get undressed. I wanted to put on a pair of my new panties and make sure the bras fit. Just as I'm naked there's a knock at the door. CRAP. No time to open packages and remove tags. I put my clothes back on and go to the door. When I'm done with that, I head back upstairs to again relish in my new purchases. I get undressed. I put on one of the new bras...PERFECT. It's comfortable, holds everything in, and kinda cute too. Now. The moment I've been waiting for for almost 7 years. I open the package of cotton panties jaw drops...I look at the sizing on the back...I look at the picture on the front. How could I have made such an error...I BOUGHT GRANNY PANTIES. Not just sorta, I could gain 100 pounds...all in my butt...and these things would still fit. I mean, if my butt gets big enough to warrant these, it's gonna need a term life insurance policy all it's own. There was more material in one pair than all my salvageable other pairs. I wanted to cry.

Why didn't I just take the first 5 pairs, at $2.99 each, that I could see the full size of? Why was I so interested in getting the best deal? Why do I still have no new panties that I can wear without tucking them into my pants? More importantly...Will the store take them back after they've been opened?

Friday, October 23, 2009

The Middle ~ I Can Relate

This show cracks me up!

From the first episode I could relate. Relate to the morning craziness. Relate to the forgetfulness of a mother trying to keep it all together. Relate to supporting my matter what. I also made a mental note to NEVER dress as a super hero. It just wouldn't be pretty. You can check out for the first full episodes if you haven't been watching and want to know what I'm talking about.

While I have not yet had the opportunity to embarrass myself at the kids school (I have several years to go), I did make a major screw up last year and am thankful my son can not only think fast on his feet, but also doesn't seem to yet hold grudges.

It was career day. I had the note stuck on the fridge so I wouldn't forget...and never looked at it again. Career day came. My son was forced to stand in front of his kindergarten class with a grey turtleneck, pair of jeans, and tennis shoes and describe his "costume" and how it related to what he wanted to be when he grew up.

When he came home he said, "Mom. Did you forget something today?" I said "I don't think so. Was there something missing from your lunch?" He said "No. It was Career Day." FUDGE. "I am so sorry baby. Did everyone dress up?" "No Mom. Everyone did not dress up. Just everyone but ME." Double fudge. "Baby. I am so sorry. What did you do?" He says, "I figured my grey shirt looks like a sweatshirt and I had my tennis shoes on so I just told everyone I wanted to be a runner when I grow up." Smart thinking, that kid of mine. It didn't make me feel awful for putting him in that position, though.

I now have a calendar. All school events get written on it the day the note comes home, and I make it part of my morning routine to check all days in the week...just to make sure.

What mistakes have you made where the kids are involved?

Disclosure copy: I have been hired by Warner Bros to help raise awareness for The Middle.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Trying it Out

Puddin' Pop sleeps in our bed.

There. I said it. Let the judging begin.

I love having her body close to mine to snuggle with in the middle of the night. We transitioned her at 18 months to a twin bed. Bought brand new mattress and box springs. A frame (base) to put them on (we didn't want her too high off the floor). Princess sheets and a silky pink (with pearls) comforter complete with princess pillow shams. She loved her bed. Slept in it every night.

Hubster would put Boog to bed and more frequent than not, would fall asleep with him, thus leaving me to our king size bed...all to myself. That was kinda lonely. No one to snuggle with. To compensate, I would put PP to sleep in our bed, claiming I would move her (knowing I wouldn't), and then when I went to sleep she was right there waiting for me. Some time later (like 6 months) Hubster decided he wanted to come back to his own bed. He still falls asleep with Boog, but often awakes around 10:30, stays up for an hour or so, and then comes to bed.

Puddin Pop is getting big (3 1/2) and yells out in her sleep. I'm ready for her to go back to her room. We've gotten a new bed frame. Big Girl Style. New modern furniture for her room. Made it super enticing to get her back in there. As soon as the new bed was set up she wanted to try it out. And that was that. When her dad came home and offered to put her to bed that night he said "Show me your new bed." She stopped at her door and pointed to it. He said, "Do you like it?". She said, "I Love it!" He said, "Do you want to sleep in it?" She said "No." He said, "Let's just try it out." She said, "You can. I tried it out earlier. I'll meet you in the big bed when you're done."

What else can we do to entice this little one? I know we can just put her in there and make her stay, but since she was happy in her room until I pulled her out, I don't think this would be the fair thing to do...and okay, maybe I'm still not quite ready.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What the Hell Wednesday 1

Stacy and Elle, over at Blue Monkey Butts have come up with a new Wednesday tradition. I read what they had to say and thought "What the Hell. Sounds like fun." Head on over to Blue Monkey Butt If you'd like to join in on What the Hell Wednesdays.

I had a conference for my first grader yesterday at 8:15 am, What the Hell? He's doing well. At or above grade level in all subjects and tested super high in spelling. Way to go Boog.

My In-laws (bless their hearts) always have to have a project going and since they've just repainted and re-carpeted their entire upstairs, they've moved on to finding projects at our house. I guess we're having a line run under the house to drain excess water. I guess. I'm just told that someone is coming and to make sure the dog is inside. What the Hell.

Planning my third annual trip home to Michigan. It's a Girl's weekend. I stay with my parents, another friend comes in from Chicago, and 4 of us hang out, have wonderful food and wine, and catch up. The kids and hubbys stay at home. My Hubster claims not to know any other Mom who leaves her kids and hubster at home and takes a mini vacation...What the Hell?

Okay. Off to help Puddin Pop find a "my Twin" doll that looks just like her. I'm just wondering What the Hell she's going to do with the doll when it stops looking like her. I've heard you're better off waiting until the child is a little older (than 3) so the doll looks like them a little longer.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Halloween Alternatives

I know there are a lot of health conscious parents who steer away from allowing their children to have candy and I'm sure that makes this time of year and all the Halloween activities a little challenging. I am not one of these parents. I love to take my kids trick-or-treating and look forward to all the candy they collect. They're still little so they usually get tired pretty quick and we end up holding the buckets all the way home. Puddin Pop actually feel asleep in the neighbor's wagon, sitting straight up, with a wrapped sucker in her hand, last year.

Oriental Trading is a great alternative for those not wishing to give out candy. We would give out candy...if we were home, but I do order crafts from OT at least 3 times a year to have on hand for different parties and for rainy or cold days that we can't play outside. I also purchased several different crafts for Boogie's end of school party last year to put in the treat bags instead of candy and Dollar Store stuff. The prices are great and the fun factor lasts much longer than a piece of candy.

Here's some of the crafts we made over the Summer. These cute magnets adorn our fridge and remind us of a fun afternoon spent avoiding the rain.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sunday, October 4, 2009

I Sent My Kid to School SICK

I did it. Trying to blame others won't change the outcome. It was unintentional but a learning experience nonetheless. I will listen better to my child and not assume "it's nothing". Only I can prevent similar situations from reoccurring. I'm sharing the story with you so your child will not have to go through the same thing.

I was woken early Friday morning by my 6 year old son. He complained of a sore throat. He did not have a fever or any other symptoms. I gave him some ibuprofen and snuggled him back to sleep.

When he woke at 7am he seemed fine. He did not complain about his throat or any other ailments. We went about our morning routine and just before leaving for school, I gave him another 1/2 dose of ibuprofen in case the sore throat should come back. This was my first mistake. My son has only complained of a sore throat on one other occasion and it turned out to be strep.

Off to school he went.

I received a call about 10:30 from the school nurse that he was in the clinic and had thrown up...all over himself. She suggested I bring a change of clothes when coming to get him. I got to the school 10 minutes later, with a change of clothes. My poor baby was lying down looking pathetic. I could tell he REALLY didn't feel well. We got him home and bathed. Put him in some warm pj's and he went right to sleep. He slept for the next 5 hours, only waking to throw up, then falling right back to sleep.

During one of his brief awake times, I questioned him as to what had happened. Did he feel sick all morning or did the nausea come on suddenly? He claimed that he had told the teacher he "wasn't going to make it" and requested to go to the nurse. He was told "No". He then proceeded to vomit all over himself while sitting in his seat as told. Hearing this sent me over the edge. It was like a mama bear protecting her cub. How dare a teacher not allow my son to see the nurse. How dare she make him sit in his seat and throw up all over himself, in front of his classmates. How dare she!

I posted my PO'd status on Facebook and immediately had all my friends rallying around me, insisting I needed to march right back up to the school and demand answers. I'm a little calmer than some, and realize the negative impact my over-reacting could have on my poor first grader. I decided to e-mail the teacher and get her take on the situation. I felt this was the fair way to go.

I politely told her what Boog had told me and asked if it was true that he was not allowed to see the nurse. I also asked for any other details she may want to add so we could work together to insure this didn't happen again.

She responded.

Boog had complained of a sore throat pretty much from the get go. She allowed him to get water when needed. She and the teacher aide had felt his arm and forehead "as they usually do" and felt he had no temperature. This is mistake number 2 on my part. I should have sent a note. I should have let the teacher know that he had complained of a sore throat, and mostly that I had given him ibuprofen. Maybe this would have allowed a different outcome. Of course he didn't feel feverish, the medicine was preventing that. If only I had let her know. I won't make that mistake again.

I probably won't even think about sending him the next time he has a sore throat.

I feel awful.

I won't make the mistake again.


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