Friday, January 29, 2010

No School, Wife Swap and More

Yay. Boog is out of school today and Monday. We are supposed to be getting some snow tonight. Cross your fingers. I say it over and over, which is probably why it doesn't happen, I want snow. Not for me, for the kids. I remember spending hours in the snow as a kid. Building forts, sledding, shovelling, lots of shovelling. There's something peaceful about snow. Maybe it's just me. I love watching snow fall too. Living in Virginia it's a treat. I'm sure most of you would love to send me all your snow.

I was just watching an episode of Wife Swap. A woman was working on a farm and claiming that she didn't think the smell was bad (cleaning up poo). It's a lifestyle I could never get used to. I think I'd rather have a colon cleansing than spend a day cleaning out stables, milking cows and all the other farm work. One more reason not to go out Wife Swap (note to self). They always have the funniest opposites. Makes me feel normal.

Off to plant some flowers and strawberry seeds in little pots to have them ready to transplant in spring. Then we're making brownies.

Enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What I Meant to Say ~ 1

I Came across this one today and couldn't pass it up. "What I Meant to Say" is hosted by Chief at Hiding from the Kids. I've seen some funny stuff on other's posts and just couldn't resist. I usually say what I mean but, sometimes, I hold back. Like if the kids are in the room. So here's what I would really like to say. Post yours and link up at Chief's place.

Mike (my wii fit trainer) says: "You have gained a little since last time. Any idea why that might be?

Me: I don't know.

What I meant to say... Look Butthead. Just be happy I'm here everyday. I know exactly what it is. It's late night munchies. The kids go to bed. Hubster is sleeping. I have a couple glasses of wine and then I want to eat and it's, like, 10 o'clock at night. You can either write me a script for some adipex diet pills to supress my late night appetitie, and then I can stay up all night harassing your a$$, or you can get off my back. Deal?

Now I feel so much better.

Wordless Wednesday~ The Climb

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Resolutions Update and Random Kid Stuff


It's Tuesday. That means it's time to clear all the mumbo-jumbo out of my head so I can be clear for the rest of the week. If you have Random Thoughts this Tuesday that you need to get out. Post it. Then head on over to The Un Mom and link up. I'd love to hear what's swimming around in your head.

The weather has been warm. In the 60's the past few days. Boog used to love to ride his bike. We were so proud when he took off down the street, alone, on his two-wheeler (with training wheels) a week after he turned 2. Now he's 6.5 and the training wheels have been removed. He refuses to get on. I tried to help him. Balanced him and walked/jogged along side. He made it most of the way down the cul de sac without any help from me, but still insists he wants the training wheels back on. I just don't get it. He also loves to play catch and practice batting in the yard and at the park but when we mentioned signing him up for baseball, he fell to pieces and begged me not to make him. Hubster was pretty insistent that he needed to play but I just can't see dragging him out of the car several times a week and forcing him to do something he doesn't want to. He has this fear of people watching him. We're at a loss. We'll wait a year and try again. He said he wanted to try Karate. I explained the discipline aspects and told him he would have to play close attention or he'd get asked to leave. He decided he didn't want to do that. I should've kept my mouth shut!

My New Year Resolutions are working out so far. Most of them. The laundry goal is on track. My commitment to 3 hours of exercise (via Wii Fit/Plus) has been achieved or exceeded each week since the start of the year. Now I just need to work on my abs. I didn't see a "how to reduce stomach fat" section, nor has Mike (my Wii Fit Trainer. What? You didn't name yours?) even brought it up. Maybe he doesn't see what I see?

I'm falling short on the 4 family meals. I'm making them, our timing is just off. Kids are still hungry before Hubster gets home but I'm slowly pushing their eating time back so we'll all be able to eat together.

My goal of cleaning and organizing is going a little slower than planned. I did manage to go through Puddin Pop's room and clean out all the unused toys and clothes. We rearranged the furniture and put a night stand/bookshelf/storage cube next to her bed with a lamp. She claims she's (almost) ready to sleep in her room instead of ours. We tried it the first night and she woke up dazed and confused and didn't know where she was. We'll keep trying.

That's all I've got. Heading over to The Un Mom to see what the rest of you have to say!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Saving Money on Trips to Disney

The last time we were at Disney was Hubster's 33rd Birthday, more than 8 years ago and before we had kids. We had a great time at the parks (Epcot is my favorite) but had the most fun drinking and playing pool in our hotel lobby and sitting outside Downtown Disney and watching all the kids (young and old) play in the water fountain. We must have sat there for more than an hour as we imagined coming back with children of our own some day. It's not going to happen for us this year but it is definitely something we want to do in the next two years.

Disney has some pretty good deals going on right now and with Spring Break right around the corner, it's time to use your free personal budget software and see if any of these deals work for your family.

Give a Day, Get a Disney Day

I'm sure you're familiar with this program. Right now you can sign up to volunteer for one day in your community and Disney will reward you with a one day admission ticket to either Disneyland Resort of Walt Disney World Resort. They are trying to get 1 million people to volunteer. You can only get one voucher (no matter how many times you volunteer) and everyone age 6 and up are eligible. You must pre-register on their site, and pick one of the volunteer programs listed. Promotion ends with the 1 millionth voucher printed or on December 15, 2010. What a great way to teach children about volunteering and get something back as well.

Disney Moms Discount from Destinations in Florida

Here's one you may not be familiar with (it's what I'm here for). is a group of Mom's who have put together some of the best Disney packages available and are offering them to other Moms. Check out their great packages and then put "Mommy" in your quote and you'll get even more savings plus a free Mommy pack of Disney Goodies. It doesn't get any easier than that. Make sure to check out the fantastic packages where you'll actually get Disney Gift Cards as part of your package. Cool, right?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wii Fit Plus Makes Me Sleep Better

So I'm a little over 2 weeks into my commitment to get healthier and leaner. No quick-loss, diet pills or fat burner shakes for me. I'm doing it the old fashioned way. Exercise. Another shameless (un-sponsored) plug for Wii Fit Plus. I'm competitive by nature so the fact that I can try to achieve higher scores and faster times is enough to keep me motivated. I'm really digging the Marching and have aced the beginner march...who knew? Now I'm trying to get perfect scores on the advanced march and beginning Kung Fu. It doesn't sound like much, and I've only lost 3 pounds, but I've been eating like normal so I wasn't expecting drastic changes. I figure I'll start calorie counting in the next couple weeks once my workout routine is set. I have found that I am sleeping a lot harder than usual. I'm usually a super light sleeper and any noise or movement wakes me. Now I awake to my son touching my cheek or whispering in my face about having a bad dream. Normally I hear his feet hit the floor as he's getting out of bed.

I feel better. I'm not sure if it's the exercise, the harder sleep, or just the fact that I'm taking time for myself. Maybe a combination of all those things? I'll keep at it and suggest to anyone who already has Wi Fit that you MUST spend the $20 for Wii Fit Plus. Way better games and activities as well as features to keep you interested and on track.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Personalized Books for Valentine's Day

Just released yesterday, you are now able to order a NEW personalized book for your favorite (under 5 ) child that will arrive just in time for Valentine's Day. I ordered one of these a couple years back for Boog and now it's time for Puddin' Pop to have one of her own. I'm telling you, I had one of these as a kid and LOVED it. Mine was all about a birthday party (mine) and named all my friends and told me what famous people shared the same birthday. I wish I still had it now.

I See Me! inc. is publishing a brand new book Who Loves Me? All orders placed by February 5th will arrive in time for Valentines Day. The books made by I See Me! inc. are of the highest quality and made to last. What kid wouldn't love to read, or be read, a book all about them. Go check them out.

I See Me! Personalized Children's Books

You're sure to find one for that special kid (or kids) in your life. I'm debating between the new book and the Fairy Book. Hmmm. Such a hard decision.

UPDATE: Get Free Shipping on orders when you purchase the new Who Loves Me? storybook at with Coupon Code FSW745.

Friday, January 15, 2010

What are the Chances?

A friend called me yesterday to see if I wanted to go shopping. With "date night" fast approaching (it's tonight) I figured that buying something new to wear sounded like just the right thing. We headed to a couple consignment shops (one for us, and one for the kids) that are about a block apart. We hit the "mommy" shop first and I found the perfect pair of slacks and sweater for my big-night-out...$14...I'm worth it. My friend was still looking around but Puddin Pop needed to pee. We headed to the second shop and I told my friend to meet us there.

I was looking for some leotards for Puddin Pop. Why is it so hard to find long sleeve leotards. It's 30 degrees outside. I'm not taking her to dance class in a sleeveless leo. I'm having problems even finding short sleeves. So I'm looking through their collection and talking to the older (70's) lady behind the counter. She was telling me how the light "just fell out of the ceiling" the week before. She was also complaining about the uncomfortable office furniture and showed me a chair that the back had fallen off of. Poor thing.

I'm getting off track.

So my friend shows up and says we have to go in a few because her daughter called her and isn't feeling well and needs to be picked up from school. I swear, just as she finishes telling me this my phone rings. It's a number I don't recognize and when I answer I realize it's the nurse at Boog's school. I just start laughing. She says Boog is complaining of a stomach ache and has a slight fever and would like me to come get him? Really? What are the chances of that?. I bought the things I had in my hand and we left to go get our kids.

I should also mention that while I now have something to wear for date night, my friends daughter (who had to be picked up ) is our babysitter for this evening. I'm hoping she's feeling better and will know soon if she made it to school today (fingers crossed). If not, I thought I could borrow my In-laws electric fireplace and set up a romantic Dinner for Two after the kids go to bed. Wouldn't dinner in front of the fire be nice? I already have steaks thawing...just in case.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Rock the Roll Poll

Seriously! There is no other way. If you have me over to your house and your an "under" person, you no longer have to wonder why your TP is now coming over the top. I did it. It's one of my "things". I don't have many but TP under is a big no no. Just saying...

Are you on Team Over or that other team?

Leave a comment and let me know and you could be one of ten winners (contest wide) to receive a gift basket from cottonelle. Winners will be drawn randomly on January 29, 2010. You can also have your voice heard at

So go rock the poll and tell me why I should change my ways...or that you agree with me. I'm pretty sure you agree with me...don't you?

*This post is an attempt to win a months supply of cottonelle as a member of MBC.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Where the Hell is the Last Flag?...Nevermind. Got it!

I was thoroughly enjoying my (beginner level) cycling on my new Wii Fit Plus. Then, while Hubster and the kids were gone on Sunday, I decided to try the advanced level.

Let me just say that I had set my daily workout goal to 30 minutes and I wanted to burn 200 calories. I had completed 26 minutes and only needed to burn 38 more calories to hit my goal.

I started on my bike in search of the 22 flags. I found the first 21 in about 6 minutes. The 22nd flag was no where in site as I continued to circle the island. I looked everywhere. It wasn't even on my map (because I never got close enough to see it). You may know which flag I'm referring to, if you don't, and haven't tried it yet, I don't want to spoil a great workout...or maybe it's just me. Anyway, I continued to look. I knew if I stopped without completing the course, I would not get credit for my time or my calories burned so I kept on. I'm also not one to give up easily.

I finally found it.

It took me a couple tries to get back to the starting line. I was tired, disoriented, and I kept falling off the damn cliffs. (Laugh amongst yourselves). My only disappointment is that now I have to do the challenge 2x to get in half the distance I did in that first ride.

Remember those earlier stats? I was already at 26 minutes and at 162 calories burned. I finished my cycling and my daily totals had gone up...Way up. During that 10 mile+ search for the final flag, I logged 46 minutes and burned 132 calories. Totals for the day were 1hour 12 minutes and I burned 294 calories. That's as good as an elliptical workout...and way more fun. There's something to be said about not giving up.

Next challenge...Expert Course.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tuesday is Deal Day

I often look for less expensive options when puchasing stuff for myself or the kids. I thought it was time to share these deals with you. Each week, on Tuesday, I will post a list of "specials" and coupons that I have found across the net, as well as intersting sites I found with resources for kids and families.

Valentine's Day Postcards from Susan Winget

Super cute Valentine's day postcards. $4.49 for a set of 30. Get in on the action with your kids by sending a postcard to all your special friends this V-day...Just Because.

Who doesn't love the Discovery 60% off? I like to do my shopping for Birthday Presents here. Always a crowd pleaser by parents and children alike.

I See Me! Personalized Children's Books

I had a Personalized book as a kid and it was my favorite. This is definitely going on both kids Birthday gift lists.

Now that it's cold outside we have definitely been spending more time inside. Get the kids away from the screens (tv, video games, computers) and have some fun creating masterpieces using paint, crayons, glue and more. 20% off good until 2/28/10.

This is the best "find of the week". Whether you are teaching your youngster to read and spell or looking for new fun alternatives to help a struggling child catch up, Clickn read is an online resource with a 100% money back guarantee. 5% OFF ClickN SPELL & ClickN READ

Learn To SPELL & READ Today

Online Beginning Spelling & Reading Program

Use Code: CNS

Friday, January 8, 2010

What Does He Want?

Tonight we had our monthly Girls Night In. Four of us Moms in the cul de sac get together for drinks, cooking, and food. It's VERY casual. We like to sear sweats to make room for all the food and drinks. As I was getting ready I happened to come downstairs and my darling 6 year old son says: "You look really nice Mom."
Me: "Oh, you mean because I curled my hair?"
Son: " Yes, and I like your clothes too."
Me: " These sweat pants and T-shirt?"
Son: (coming over and whispering in my ear) "If you were 19, I'd say you were HOT."
Me: "Hmm. Only 19 year olds can be hot?"
Son: "Oh. If you were 19, I wouldn't even be born yet...nevermind."

I just chuckled and went back upstairs to finish getting ready. When I came back down with my hair now pulled back in a pony tail, same sweat pants and T-shirt with an over sized sweatshirt over it...and a little make-up, my darling son comes up and whispers in my ear,"I don;t care how old you are, Mom, you're hot."


What does he want?

No matter. I'm pretty sure he'll be sitting pretty for the next week or so. How sweet was that?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What the Hell Wednesday ~ Popsicles, Wii Fit and Date Night

Yep. It's Wednesday. While some people post all their phenomenal photos, I've decided to join the lovely ladies at Blue Monkey Butt and post my "What the Hell" moment from the last week. Stop on over and join in. It's a ton of fun.

Here we go...

My darling 3 year old was bugging the Hell out of me the other day for Popsicles. What the Hell? Who wants Popsicles when it's 30 degrees out? (I know 30 isn't that cold compared to where some of you live, but don't hate me because I was smart enough to move South before settling down)Anywho. I tried to explain this to her and she was insistent that she had to have a Popsicle. I really wanted to put the little bugger out on the porch with a cup of juice with a stick in it and let her wait it out. I even tweeted that, (and since no one responded, I thought it was safe to post that here.) I ended up filling a cup with juice, putting a stick in it and sticking it in the freezer. All I heard for 3 hours was "Is it done?" "Can we check on my Popsicle?". When it was finally finished I gave it to her. She licked it once. I repeat. Once. Then she set it down and said "I think I would like chocolate pudding instead" What the Hell? She is so taking her juice-with-a-stick-in-it to the porch next time.

I started working out this week. For the first time in ...FOREVER. It's just Wii Fit Plus. It's just kicking my butt. What the Hell? Is it good? Or am I really that out of shape? I'll let you know in a month or so.

I believe it's been over a year since Hubster and I have been out alone. What the Hell? It's a resolution of mine to implement date night. Next Friday we will venture out, without the kids. The babysitter is already lined up. I made sure it was on a pay case we wanted to get crazy. I asked Hubster, "What do you want to do on our date night?" He says. "I've been thinking about that. I don't know." I say, "How 'bout a movie and maybe some dinner?" He says, "I'm not sure we can afford it?" What the Hell? We usually get pizza and a movie every Friday and if I have to work, at least two of the weekend meals are purchased for him and the kids. I think he's scared to be alone with me.

What are your WTH moments?

Monday, January 4, 2010

Hubsterisms~ Part 1

Maybe it's just mine. For some reason my Hubster says things that I know straight up need to be translated. He swears he means what he says but...nope. Here are a few of the things he frequently says...and what they really mean.

I need to run to the office (on a weekend). I should be back in an hour. Hour and a half tops.
what he really means
Don't expect to see me for a minimum of 3 hours. It will really be more like 4.

Do you really think that looks good? (talking about daughter's hair)
what he really means
I think that looks like crap and really wish you'd do something else to her hair. I'd do it but I have no idea how.

I'll get up with the kids if you want to sleep in tomorrow.
what he really means
I don't mind moving my sleeping down to the couch. The kids may still come get you for juice or breakfast (since I'll be sleeping) but you can stay in bed.

This is all meant to be in fun. Hubster knows all these translations to be true, though he'll deny it. He's very concerned with image and always looking his best. I don't have that problem. I can go to the grocery store in my yoga pants, no make-up, with my hair messily pulled back. I like to have fun with Puddin' Pops hair. We're growing out her bangs and I often put a scrunchy right on the top of her head. Hubster hates it. I admit, I do get pleasure doing this. He's the worrier who would obtain mechanical breakdown insurance on everything we owned. I'm a go-with-flow kind of girl. Sometimes quite opposites, we make it work.

What are some of your other halfs 'isms? You know you've (they've) got some.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year's Resolutions...Yep, I Made Some

While I've never been really goo at keeping resolutions, I decided that in 2010 I would try again. My goal is to take better care of ME. Do things that are (or should be) important to my health and the well being of my family. I even made weekly charts to keep me on track.

I want our family to eat at least 4 meals together each week. This is tough because Hubster often works late and then isn't hungry when he gets home. He also usually sleeps late on weekends and the kids eat breakfast before he gets up. I will prepare 4 meals that we can all sit down and eat together, even if it means the kids eat later than normal.

I want to work on getting organized. I'm committing to organizing all the rooms in the house. De-cluttering and putting everything in a specific place or in the garbage. I've already started on the dining area. Tossing out art projects from Boog's Kindergarten works (keeping a select few). I'm collecting all the office supplies (tape, pens, pencils, scissors, staplers, staples, glue etc.) from all the drawers and buckets and putting them all in one place. I'm sorting through piles of catalogs and magazines, cutting out recipes and crafts I want to make and tossing the rest. You get the idea, right?

I'm going to exercise. Yep, I said it. I'm going to exercise at least 3 hours a week. In minimum half hour increments. Still need to get Wii Fit Plus, will hopefully pick that up this weekend. I need to get healthier and back to a manageable weight. I'm also going to get to my yearly Dr.'s appointments...on time.

I'll do more laundry and hopefully, finally get caught up...and stay caught up...if that's even possible.

So, you see, nothing super tough. Just things for me. I'm pretty sure I can get it all done. A little focus and time and all will be good.

Anyone else make resolutions this year?


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