Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Puddin Pop has a BFF

The kids had a fun day with friends and played hard all day. Puddin' Pop cried when her friend went home. Sad she had to leave. It was so cute. I can only imagine how she's going to be after she gets to spend an entire week with this same "Best Friend" when we all go on vacation in August.

After a day of chasing four kids around, I ended the evening sipping wine with two neighbors. It was a nice night to sit back in the patio chairs and just catch up with what everyone's been doing so far this Summer. It was also nice that the temperatures have dropped so we could enjoy this.

I love Summer!

Friday, June 25, 2010

The Non Engagement

With my Anniversary right around the corner, I thought I'd share with you the (not so) romantic way in which I found myself married. That makes it sound as if I didn't take part...I did. It was just a spur of the moment thing.

My father is a jeweler and 18 months into our relationship my boyfriend had called him to inquire about diamond engagement rings. Unfortunately this information got back to me. It was unfortunate not because the surprise was ruined, but because my boyfriend didn't follow through. No ring was ever purchased. No proposal was ever made.

Three and a half year after that, we had been living together, had talked about marriage, and were just going about our lives as couple. It was a July afternoon and the boyfriend had just come in from running errands and inquired what I wanted to do. We discussed golfing (too hot), going to the pool (too overcast)and I was watching my "soaps". I don't remember which one but there was some story line with an non-committing male and I mumbled something about my non-committing guy. When he asked what I was talking about I reminded him that the following day was the 5 year anniversary of our first date. He picked up the phone and walked into the other room. 10 minutes later he came back and told me to change. I asked where we were going. He said "What does it matter?" I said "You just told me to change and it would be easier to decide what to change into if I know where were going." He said "Put on whatever you'd like to get married in. It's two o'clock now and we have to get a marriage license before our 4 o'clock appointment with the JOP."

So at 4 o'clock on a Wednesday in July, '99 we were married.

What's your story?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

SMART Love of Learning

I was recently introduced to the Magical Classroom. I am constantly amazed and excited with what technology provides not only for us as adults, but for our children to enrich and stimulate their love for learning. If you haven't seen this I encourage you to check out the Magic Classroom here.

Smart Love of Learning is currently holding a contest to give one classroom (or school) an interactive whiteboard and all you have to do to enter is tell them who the best teacher in the world is. You can "like" them on Facebook and click the "win" button to enter. They also have ideas on Fundraising on their site to help PTA's and other groups obtain these magical tools.

While I would never claim to know who the best Teacher in the world is, I know one teacher that had a huge impact on me. It was my 11th grade Advanced Literature teacher. The class required a lot of reading of books (I thought) I wasn't interested in. Each day Mr. Spag (short for Spagnoulo) would recap chapters and encourage the class to participate in a discussion of what they thought characters such as Macbeth and Hamlet were thinking in different situations throughout the books. No answer was ever wrong. If you were brave enough to speak up, as I was, even after never reading the book, all ideas were met with a "Hmmm. I never thought of it that way", or a "Good...but did you think about this...". He encouraged participation and never made anyone feel stupid or wrong for doing so. He made me interested enough to go back and read the books I thought I had no use for. In high school we had the ability to choose our own classes and teachers. We made those choices based on recommendations from friends, teacher's we had had in the past, how long they gave you to complete term papers. We were even shallow enough to choose those most pleasing to the eyes. Mr. Spag could have used a cure for hair loss and I hadn't had him previously. I don't remember the exact reason I chose his class. It may have been that he was the only teacher teaching Advanced Lit in the time slot I had selected it. Whatever the reason, I'm glad I ended up there. Encouragement and the ability to make students feel open to speak their minds, no matter what was on it, made this teacher one of the best I ever had.

I took the kids to Water Country yesterday and two Moms were talking about their kids schools and one mentioned something that sounded very much like the Interactive whiteboard. She said the teacher can talk and every kid can see what she is talking about. She was saying how fun her kids thought it was and how much more they were participating. I'm not sure it was the same thing but the parent seemed very pleased with their child's new found excitement.

My children are still young so it thrills me that new technology is being created to continue to peak their interest. A love of learning is a great trait to carry into adult hood.

I wrote this post while participating in a blog tour for Momcentral and will be compensated for my time. The views are solely mine.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Weekend Packed Full of Family Fun

I can't remember the last time we packed so much into a weekend. We usually spend one day around the house with Hubster taking care of the yard and me taking care of laundry and other chores and letting the kids play inside and out with their friends in the cul de sac.

Friday is always pizza and movie night and as I mentioned we went to Cinema Cafe to see Shrek Forever After and I'm still in awe at how far 3D movies have come. I also liked the spacious seating and will definitely go back. The tickets are cheaper (in the hopes you're ordering food) so it's a win/win.

Saturday they were calling for thunderstorms all day but we had planned on spending the day at Water Country. Usually when bad weather is called for it lasts for a little while and then the sun comes out when it's too late to pack up and go anywhere. We played the odds and packed up and went anyway. We made it to the park just after they opened. It was cloudy most of the 20 minute drive but the sun came through just as we pulled into the parking lot. It was beautiful all day. Even better, most people weren't as risk taking as we are and the park was pretty empty.
We all got plenty of natural vitamin D. We kept the kids lubed up well but Hubster and I neglected to get our backs well so...

Sunday I had to work all day so Hubster took the kids to the library to pick out some new books and some movies to watch when I got home. They played in the sprinkler with one of their friends and we had another movie night after it got dark.

Yesterday Hubster slept in due to the fact that he had to get up at 4am this morning to fly to Denver for a meet and greet with his new employers. The kids and I headed out for our yearly trip to Big Lots to set up a backyard oasis for them.

We do this every year because we usually lose the stuff or neglect to take care of it from the previous year. I spent $50 on the pool, floats, bamboo mats and the umbrella. We would have spent that much if we had gone out somewhere and now they have somewhere to hang out and cool off all summer long. They played together nicely (which never happens) for more than 3 hours. Well worth the money. We then cooked burgers on the grill for dinner and had a relaxing evening before getting back on our school night schedule.

How did you spend your weekend?


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