Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What's Your Wicked Fresh Moment?

This post brought to you by Tom's of Maine. All opinions are 100% mine.

Back in sixth grade I had this boyfriend we'll call "G".  We had been "going together" for a couple weeks and were ready to take things to the next level.  We decided it was time to french kiss.  I remember discussing it with him and with other friends,  finding out who had done it, what it was like, best get the idea.  The date was set for our upcoming Safety Patrol Picnic.  We would sneak off from the crowd and find a secluded area to make our relationship more official.  Just typing this makes me laugh.

I don't remember what was served but I'm sure I stayed away from anything with onions.  I also know for a fact that I was packing gum.  Gum was the best defense against less-than-pleasant breath.  We're talking about putting tongues in someone else's mouth.  We definitely want to be wicked fresh.  The kiss lasted maybe a minute, in a wooded area.  The relationship ended soon after.

I still pack gum.  Not for kissing, but to prevent offending someone while talking to them after eating offensive foods like onions and garlic.  I'm a grown-up now and enjoy those foods regularly.  I don't refrain, regardless of the situation.

Tom's Of Maine has developed Wicked Fresh toothpaste to keep your breath fresh long after brushing.  They use powerful, natural flavor oils and a botanical extract that also helps fight cavities.  I could have used some of that back in the sixth grade.  They are also holding a contest.  You can find out what's up for grabs on their  That's Wicked Fresh contest page.  Top prize is a $500 Target gift card.  You just have to tweet your Wicked Fresh moment on Twitter and follow @TomsofMaine.  Make sure you also "like" Tom's of Maine on Facebook.  It'll get you an extra entry into the drawing.  It doesn't even have to be a kissing story.  Just something "Wicked Fresh".

So.  What's your story?

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Friday, November 19, 2010

Mother of the Year? Not this Year!

I did poor Puddin' Pop such a disservice yesterday.  I haven't even come clean to her yet.  I'm coming clean here and will let her find out when she's old enough to read.

While getting the clothes ready for the kids to wear to school, I grabbed the pair of camouflage jeans that PP had stripped off after wearing for 2 minutes on Sunday and thrown on the floor.  I had picked them off her floor and folded them on Sunday and pulled them out for her to wear yesterday.  I should have shook them.

The kids got ready a little early so they could go and visit the neighbors brand new puppy, Sophie.  My two kids and the neighbor girl, B, plus her mom were all outside.  I heard laughing and then giggling and then a mortified scream.  I walked outside to see the bigger kids almost rolling on the ground laughing and poor PP running in the opposite direction, visibly upset.

No one saw where they came from, but I know, and I'm sure you can figure it out.  Sweet Sophie, all the sudden, was playing the neighbors yard... with these...

After speculating where they came from the kids determined that Sophie must have grabbed them while she was in our house.  Yeah.  Let's go with that.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lazy or Creative?

Yesterday was Hubster's Birthday.  He got a new puppy and a fleece jacket.  I'd say he made out pretty well since he's only had to take the puppy out once and cleaned one mess.  We got her on Sunday.

When I entertained the idea of making the coveted birthday cake I found I just wasn't in the mood.  I know, it's not about me, but there are only four of us and 2 of us (PP and I) are not huge fans of cake.  I enjoy making cakes but don't enjoy tossing 2/3 out a week later.  I've tried the whole slicing and freezing individual pieces for a treat later on.  That just delays the tossing out by about 6 months.

Last week I purchased a tub of Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie dough.  It says "New Batch" on the tub and, Oh My, they are so delicious.  Better than any CC cookies I've ever made from scratch.  I thought it would be nice to surprise Handsome with fresh, warm cookies when he came home from school.  I also liked that I could make a dozen and they would all be gone before I sat down to watch TV after everyone else went to bed.  Cookies are my weakness, especially chocolate chip ones.  I don't need those around to munch on late at night.

Anyhow.  I had this great idea of making Hubster a special birthday treat.  I also made one (though smaller) for each of the rest of us.  Two with cookie dough ice cream and two with chocolate (for PP and I).  They were absolutely delicious.

So.  Was this a lazy mom move or a creative one?  I'd like to think the latter...and there are no leftovers.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Fun

Wow.  This is the first year I can remember it being cold here in Virginia on Halloween.  Okay.  Not really cold, 55-60ish, but usually its more like 90.  The kids actually had to put clothes on under their costumes and this never happens.  I would love to say that I'm the crafty mom who can sew and make costumes for the kids but...I'm not.  I find it way more fun and way less frustrating to let them browse the Internet and catalogs and pick out whichever costume strikes their fancy.  This year Handsome kept changing his mind and the costumes ended up arriving the Wednesday before Halloween.  Usually they are here at least a month ahead.

We Trick or Treat with our neighbors and this year the wagon was loaded with snacks.  Mummy Pups (pigs in a blanket) and pumpkin and ghost shaped ham and cheese sandwiches kept the kids warm and out of the candy until we got home.  Thanks Kathy! 

This was also the first year we stayed out the entire duration of T&T time.  Usually we are home and have 30 minutes to give out candy, but the kids are older and wanted to stay out.  This is NOT a good idea.  The last houses we arrived at were giving out full size candy bars and due to the time, were trying to get rid of it ALL.  The kids doubled their load in the last 10 minutes and between the two of them collected 8 pounds of candy.  Yes.  Hubster weighed it.

We will have candy through the new year but the memory is priceless and the kids were so flippin' adorable.
How did your family make out?


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