Friday, January 28, 2011

Myachi~ Fun for the Whole Family

When I was a 20 something, a group of us hung out continuously and would sit around late at night smoking, drinking and doing whatever to amuse ourselves.  Someone came up with a little game we called "lighter".  The rules were simple.  We would pass a lighter around the room, the only catch was that you had to catch it on the back of your hand.  Mostly the boys played but I was not one to be outdone by anyone so... I practiced and joined in.

When I saw this new hacky-sack type toy advertised, I knew I had to get my hands on a Myachi.  You bounce it, flip it, spin it, kick it.  The only rule: You can't use the palm of your hand.  I showed the video to my 7 year old and then listened to him ask me every day "When is it going to get here?"  He was almost as excited as I was to try it out.  His sole request was that if we received one in pink, he wanted me to order any other color so he could take it to school and show his friends.  We got one in red.

The second it arrived he tore it out of the package and started playing with it.  He doesn't have a lot of patience with things that take effort so I thought this would be a good "game" we could practice together. (Plus I get to be the cool mom who can actually catch it on the back of her hand.)  He has carried it with him everywhere we've been.  There was some frustration at the beginning, which I expected, but once he caught it a couple times he was hooked.  Using extreme hand-eye coordination this hand sack will provide hours of entertainment and push the user to be creative in thinking up new tricks.  The site has video, apparel (Handsome is already begging for a shirt) and a place for all enthusiast to share their experience.  The site says it best with...

As a company, Myachi is dedicated to instilling the virtues that lie at its core into the next generation of Myachi Maniax: Discipline, Respect, Confidence, Patience and Passion. By focusing on these virtues in a way that is fun, healthy and active, we hope that the values and lessons of Myachi can help build stronger communities and individuals…and one’s with sick reflexes and hand-eye coordination at that!

If you are looking for something to promote any of these attributes than Myachi is for you (or your kids, or BOTH).  It's good wholesome fun and I think it's going to be around for a long time.

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Monday, January 24, 2011

I invented Kettle Corn but let my brother take the credit.

Why do kids lie?  Is it embarrassment?  Fear of punishment?  Something they learn from their parents, siblings or peers?  Is something they are "born with"? 

I remember lying as a kid and the two most memorable both involve popcorn.  That's weird, isn't it?

In fourth grade we were having some sort of party and while the teacher was out of the room some of us were throwing popcorn into the air in an attempt to catch it in our mouths.  When the teacher came back and asked who was involved I immediately denied being a part of it.  It was foolish, looking back, all my friends were there and witnesses.  I wasn't trying to get them to believe me.  I feared what would happen if the teacher found out.  What most of the other kids didn't know was that earlier that year on a class trip with that same teacher, I had been pulled aside and questioned about a situation that had happened and when I responded the teacher had smacked me across the face.  This wasn't allowed, even back then, she was an adult.  Who was going to believe me? I should have just run off and hidden at Le Touessrok, but I was 10 and transportation would have been a challenge.    I never told anyone.  Not even my parents. (One of the other parents on the trip saw the whole thing and ended up calling my mom.  Even in front of my parents and the Principal the teacher denied it ever happened).  So I lied.  I Had all my friends resent me for doing so, but saved myself from being slapped again.

The situation at home was similar.  My mom would fly off the handle at the simplest of things.  We would here her scream something like "God Dammit.  Who ate the last Twinkie?" and we would all run for cover.  We would also all deny that it was us.

One morning at breakfast, as I was putting sugar on my cereal, I decided it would also be fun, and harmless, to add a scoop to the leftover popcorn on the table (thus inventing the sweet taste of kettle corn).  It wasn't an intentional ploy.  I really never thought of it as anything than wasting an extra spoonful of sugar.  No one ever ate the leftover popcorn.  Then my mom came down and sat with us.  She reached over and grabbed a handful of that sweet creation of mine.  She immediately spit it out and went into fury mode. "Who the hell put sugar in the popcorn?"  All 3 of us answered in unison "Wasn't me." 

The usual ritual took place.  We were all immediately grounded from whatever activity we were currently participating in.  We were sent to our rooms to "think about it", and then we would all be called down for questioning.  Individually.  Usually during questioning one of us would fess up, usually my older brother or myself.  We would remain grounded but the others would be set free.  On this particular day, though, I didn't feel like losing my privileges (I can only guess because I can't think of a better reason of why I continued my lie).  During my questioning I remained firm in my denial.  I wasn't giving in.  After what seemed like hours of interrogations we were all brought together and informed that "one of us" had something to say.  My younger brother stood up and apologized to our older brother and myself.  He admitted that he was the one who put sugar in the popcorn and he was sorry he didn't tell the truth sooner.  WHAT?  Then something else happened that may have caused me to continue lying in these same sorts of situations.  My mother announced that since he was so brave in telling the truth he would not be grounded or have any privileges taken away.  You can see where I'm going with this.  I have a brother who, under pressure, will confess to anything and he won't get in any trouble for it (which means I don't have to feel guilty). 

I try to remember these situations and how I felt when dealing with my own kids lies.  I assess whether I over reacted, whether they fear the punishment, are too embarrassed to tell, or are still working on good judgement and don't want to disappoint.  I want them to be able to come to me, no matter what, and know that I am on their side.  I will not play them against each other and hope they know that they never have to lie to me, or at least figure it out soon.

Friday, January 21, 2011

"I Dumped Him"

I love this kid!

I love both my kids.  This one cracks me up every single day and is the sweetest girl any mom could be blessed with.  She's also the one that gets stuck with me most the day and the only one who will pose for pictures.  She's an individual with a mind wise beyond her years.  Especially where boys are concerned.  She's coming up on 5.

Yesterday, just before school, she received a call on her cell phone (it's not real).  When she got off the call she explained that it was her boyfriend Brad and he wanted to meet up with her later.  As far as we know, she doesn't know any Brad's so I quickly assumed he was make believe.  The best type of boyfriend a girl could have, right? 
That was the end of the conversation.  She headed off to school.
When I picked her up 3 hours later we made a quick trip to Trader Joe's.  On the way she told me all about this new boy Brad.  He has brownish/blondish hair like her and the same blue eyes.  He is 4, just like she is and very cute.  I suggested she invite him to dinner.  She claimed to think this was a good idea.
On the way home from TJ's she also informed be that Brad lived in Virginia like we do but he goes to school in North Carolina and he runs... no wait... he can walk there in 2 minutes.  Wow.  A boyfriend with Super Powers.  This girl knows how to dream them up.  I asked "If he moves so fast, how did you ever meet him?"  I thought it was a good question,  "He can stop."  Oh.  Of course he can.
We came in and ate lunch.  After lunch she received another call from Brad.  She hung up visibly upset and here's the conversation that transpired.

Me: What's wrong baby?
Her: That was Brad.  He just dumped me.
Me: What? Why? Did he give you a reason?
Her: Yes.  He said I'm not pretty enough and he found someone prettier.
Me: Well.  If he's one of those boys that is only concerned with outside appearances than it's his loss.  He'll never find a girl as sweet as you.
Her: Actually.  He said he saw you on Facebook and now he loves you.

He called back later and wanted to get back together but she had had enough of his "meanness" and told him no.
When I asked what happened she just said "I dumped him."

I can't imagine what this child is going to be like as a teenager.  She's already boy crazy but swears she's never getting married and is just going to live by herself with her dogs.  Will she be a girl obsessed with her appearance?  Will she insist on skinny jeans and every other fad that passes by?  Will she still be boy crazy?  My hope is that she will continue to be independent, creative, and sweet and continue to not take any shit from any boy, real or make believe.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Who's Idea was It?

I hate wearing a bra!
I said it.
It will come as no surprise to those that "know" me.
I'm not sure when it began but it gets progressively worse with every year.  If I'm at home, I'm not wearing one unless I know you'll be stopping by.  If you stop by get what you get (and shouldn't be upset).  I used to keep one on the stairs just in case someone stopped by but the dog really likes to chew on them so that stopped a couple months ago when we got her.  I wear one when I go out but take it off the minute I get home, usually before taking off my shoes.  When I go back to work, which I'm working on now, this life of leisure will come to an end.  Better let the girls have their free time now...before it's too late.

Anyway.  The only people that stop by unannounced are the UPS guy, the Mail Lady, an occasional FedEx guy and my In-laws.  Mostly the In-laws.  They catch me bra-less all. the. time.  I'm sure they're not thrilled.  I also don't believe the kids are observant enough to know the difference, but I may be way off.  You tell me.

Last week when I was sick my MIL helped my 4 year old daughter make a Get Well card for me.  It was really very sweet of both of them.  I'm curious, though, who decided on the pictures that were cut out and added to the card.  Who do you think it was?  4 year old daughter OR MIL who always catches me "free"?

Are those subliminal messages?

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Oh What A Night

I mentioned before that we've all been sick in one way or another since the week before Christmas.  Passing it back and forth.  Stomach bugs, nasty colds and coughs, sore throats, sinus infections, repeat. 

With everyone seemingly on the mend, and the fact that I had gone to bed at 8 o'clock on Tuesday night, I thought I would stay up and watch a little TV after everyone went to bed last night.  The dog and I snuggled on the couch and I watched the last 3 episodes of The Closer that I had DVR'd. 

It was just before midnight when Puddin Pop started screaming for me.  She was crying and still half asleep.  She had no idea why she was crying, "I'm sad." was all I could get out of her.  I got her calmed down and then went to put the dog in her kennel.  When I opened PP's door Charly (the dog) came rushing in and jumped on the bed.  This sent PP back into scream and cry mode.  I picked the dog up and told PP I was taking Charly downstairs and I'd be right back.  Got the dog in her kennel and then smelled Poo.  Found the poo and was cleaning it up when PP started screaming for me again.  Finished the poo cleanup and ran back upstairs so as to prevent PP from waking handsome.  Took 30 minutes to get her to stop crying and fall back asleep.

15 minutes later....

"Mom?"  I get up and go to Handsome's room.  "What is it baby?" "I threw up."  I flip on the light and sure enough he is covered in vomit.  I get him to the tub.  He's usually pretty good about getting sick in the toilet, or at least has enough advanced warning to request a bowl.  Not  last night.  I asked what happened and he replies, "I had to throw up.  I tried to get up but then I just threw up.  I tried to get up again but just threw up again...and again.  Then I was so tired I just had to lay down."  Poor guy was covered.  It was even in his hair.  Mentioning that he had eaten spaghetti with strawberry milk for dinner may be too much information, but I'll say it anyway.

Get him cleaned up and tucked away in "the big bed" with a bowl.  Get his sheets in the wash and come back upstairs.  PP is coughing so hard she's starting to gag and I'm rushing to her side with her trash can.  She falls back to sleep and Handsome throws up again.  He makes it into the bowl but then let's us know he accidentally pooped while he was throwing up.  This goes on between the two of them until 6am when they both finally are in a restful sleep...and then the dog is up and barking to go out.  I stumble down the stairs, let her out, re-wash the bedding from Handsome's bed, make some coffee and get ready to start my very long day. It really makes me wonder how working Mom's do it.  If I worked outside the house I would have already missed 9 days, since the week before Christmas, taking care of sick kids.  Fired for sure. 

How do they/you do it?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Years Eve at Lazy 5 Ranch

On New Years Eve (day) we took the kids to Lazy 5 Ranch. Visiting my brother in Charlotte, the kids got to spend time with their cousin "C" who is 3 and the three of them had a great time while my brother and I got to spend some quality time together too. We had made reservation for the 2 o'clock wagon but missed it by an hour due to google maps continuously rerouting us. We were lost. I guess there are 2 Mooresville Roads. One isn't in Mooresville, which we needed to be, and the locals swore it was route 3, even though the sign in front of us clearly said Mooresville. We finally made it only to find out that the wagon had stopped running and we would have to drive through. My brother thought this was a sucky option but I thought, "Hey. How often can you say you fed Llamas and Ostrich from the front/back seat of your car?" The kids thought it was hysterical...except for the Ostriches (is that right?), no one wanted to feed them. My brother finally got brave enough and the little fella stuck his/her head right in and bit his nipple. Wish I had been ready with the camera for that one. My camera also went dead half way through but here are so some of the pics I got before that happened. Also, it's really hard to get good pics with the animals right in your face..

Saturday, January 1, 2011

It's a New Year

I've been on hiatus.  Visiting my brother in Charlotte and left my laptop at request.  Now the kids are all busy with video games and my little brother was nice enough to give me a loaner laptop.  We've done some fun stuff and the fact that the kids have gotten to spend some quality time with their cousin makes the 6 hour drive worth it.  Have some great photos to post but will have to wait until we are back home. 

Monday the kids will go back to school and everything gets back to normal.

Hope everyone has an incredible 2011!


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