Monday, December 19, 2011

It Takes a Village... To Make Reindeer Cookies.

Last night I was attempting to come up with some Reindeer cookies for Puddin Pop's class.  I had a plan in my head but the end result was less than expected.  I decided to get some help from my Facebook friends and posted this...

I asked (begged) to be told they looked like Reindeer.  The general consensus was... Bears.  Fozzy Bear to be exact.  I can't say they were totally wrong.  I also got tips and links and all sorts of helpful suggestions...

 I took all that info.  Swished it around in my brain.  Tried cutting the pretzels...FAIL.  I wasn't about to go buy new, larger pretzels either.  I was convinced the supplies I had would do the trick.  I re positioned the face (put more space between eyes and nose) and moved the Antlers to the top so they'd look less like ears and came up with this...

 It's gonna have to do.

Thanks to everyone who helped come up with this.  Had a blast collaborating.  Let's do it again.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Will You Look For Me?

I overheard the kids talking at bedtime.

It melted my heart to hear them.

This is what I heard...

Handsome: On the second day of school, do you ever see kids walking to the white buildings while you're on the playground?

Puddin Pop: Yes.

Handsome: Do you ever see a kid that looks like me?

PP: Yes.

H: Well it is me.  That's where we go for "gifted".

PP: Oh.

H: So will you look for me on the second day of the week?

PP: I'll look for you everyday, 'cuz I don't know what day that is.

Monday, December 5, 2011

The Tooth Fairy Dilemma

Handsome lost another tooth.  He's 8 so we've been through this a bunch.  As we were putting his tooth in a box to put under his pillow he says, "Mom, promise me you won't do the Tooth Fairy's job."  Not wanting to make a promise I couldn't keep I responded with "What makes you think I would do the Tooth Fairy's job?"  He says, "I'm not sure but if you don't do it and I don't get anything then I will know that the Tooth Fairy isn't real."


The issue here is Puddin Pop (or so I thought).  At 5, she has her first wiggly tooth and I would hate for her ideals to be crushed by her brother finding out the truth.  I debated on what to do.

My choices were...

A) Do the Tooth Fairy's job.  I never promised not to, although I'm not sure the conversation would be perceived that way.

B) Don't do the hob but give Handsome the $1 in the morning and promise to keep the money coming for each tooth as long as he didn't spoil it for his sister.

At bed time he realized that the tooth was downstairs.  He ran to get it and tucked it under his pillow.  He was holding the box in his hand under the pillow because "He wanted to make sure he didn't push it to the floor so the TF could find it." (this happens ALL. THE TIME.)  Out of nowhere Puddin Pop says...

"You know it's just Mom that takes the teeth and gives you money."


He says, "Well then where does the Fairy dust come from?"  I sprinkle glitter dust on the pillow and leave a trail across the bed.

She says, "Duh.  Mom has a secret stash of glitter."

Handsome: "I'm not so sure."
PP: "You mean to tell me you believe in fairies?"
Handsome: "Yeah.  So what?"
PP: "Well I don't.  I think it's Mom."
Me: "It's time to stop talking and go to sleep."

The tooth Fairy came, minus the Fairy dust, and no one mentioned another word about it.

How is it the 8 year old wants to believe and the 5 year old refuses to?

She's more and more like me every day.


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