Monday, August 22, 2011

Puddin Pop had a Nightmare

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Puddin Pop woke this morning and immediately announced that she had had a nightmare.  It went like this...

"Daddy, Papa and I went hunting.  We were hunting for Bigfoot.  We thought we found him but it just turned out to be a crazy man... and he followed us home.  I was really scared and ran into the house.  Grandma asked me what was wrong and I told her about the crazy man and that he followed us home.  She grabbed a frying pan and went right up to the crazy man and hit him in the nose with the frying pan.  Then he was nice and we invited him in."

Thank Goodness for Grandma!


  1. Thank Goodness for Grandma, indeed!!! 

  2. Wow! Grandma is so hardcore! :-)


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