Saturday, April 9, 2011

Silly kids on Facebook

Handsome decided to sport a headband this morning.

Here's the conversation that followed...

Handsome: Mom.  Come look at me (as he's sitting on the loo).
Me: Nice headband.  Can I take a picture?
Handsome: Yes.  Take a picture

click, click (two pictures)

Handsome: Can I see? (Digital cameras rock.  Another luxury we didn't have as kids)
Puddin Pop: Can I see?

(show both of them)

Puddin Pop: You know she's going to post it on Facebook.
Handsome: Are you going to put it on Facebook?
Me: Would you like me to post it on Facebook?
Handsome: Yes. here he is...


on Facebook and The Blog.  Because that's the easy way to do it ;)


Start discussing now...


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